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LBBC Baskerville showcases innovation in Conservative Party Chairman visit

As part of a visit to LBBC Group the Conservative Party Chairman, Rt Hon Brandon Lewis MP visited LBBC Baskerville hearing from Dr Danny Burkle, Product Development Engineer, about the Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) project with The Institute of Functional Surfaces (iFS) at the University of Leeds.

The university are leading the field in translating the needs of corrosion testing in the oil & gas industry into sensible and realistic testing programmes. This partnership is supporting LBBC Baskerville through the design and development of a new autoclave product range for corrosion testing that meets the needs of the industry. Rt Hon Brandon Lewis was particularly interested to hear how Dr Burkle, who grew up in his constituency, has gone through higher education at University of Leeds and is now part of this innovative project at LBBC Baskerville.

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